November 30, 2008

Ads on TV

Posted in anti-vaccinations, General Information, pro vaccinations at 5:42 pm by bek300

As I was writing the last post I started hearing something about vaccinations. I looked up and noticed an ad or PSA for It is a pro-vaccination website talking about why to vaccinate your child.

The spokeswoman for the site is Amanda Peet. You may remember some uproar between Amanda Peet and Jenny McCarthy. Jenny McCarthy is pro greening vaccinations and alternative schedules. She doesn’t agree with the current vaccinations because she believes that is what caused her child’s autism. Amanda Peet referred very bluntly about her feelings on the parents that don’t vaccinate their children. Jenny McCarthy is the spokeswoman for It gives facts about the growing number of vaccinations and about alternative schedules. While some of the information is science based some of the information is just the opinions of parents, but the website is very clear about which statements are fact and which are opinion.


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