November 30, 2008

Blog roll category issue

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As we add sites to the blog roll, we are noticing a problem with our categories. The line between pro-vaccinations and general information can seem very blurred. When looking at sites like the CDC or FDA, they give very general information about vaccinations, but obviously they are pro-vaccinations. The CDC believes that vaccines are necessary and are not going to say not to vaccinate your child. The site more or less gives you information about the vaccinations and the schedules but it is all done in a very professional way. Government sites will go under general information. If you have any suggestions on this, please help us out.


Ads on TV

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As I was writing the last post I started hearing something about vaccinations. I looked up and noticed an ad or PSA for It is a pro-vaccination website talking about why to vaccinate your child.

The spokeswoman for the site is Amanda Peet. You may remember some uproar between Amanda Peet and Jenny McCarthy. Jenny McCarthy is pro greening vaccinations and alternative schedules. She doesn’t agree with the current vaccinations because she believes that is what caused her child’s autism. Amanda Peet referred very bluntly about her feelings on the parents that don’t vaccinate their children. Jenny McCarthy is the spokeswoman for It gives facts about the growing number of vaccinations and about alternative schedules. While some of the information is science based some of the information is just the opinions of parents, but the website is very clear about which statements are fact and which are opinion.

Time article

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Here are several interesting articles from Time. The first one is very informative but not making the case one way or the other. The others are interesting and some have a tone of being either for or against vaccinations. They are interesting and all make interesting points. That is why this issue is so interesting, because you really can make the point on both sides. Read the articles and let us know how you feel about them.

“How Safe are Vaccinations?”

“Making the Case for Vaccinations” 

“How my Son spread the Measles”

“Case Study: Autism and Vaccines”