December 2, 2008

Great amount of information

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Check out THIS site. This is from Dr. Sears’ website and it explains how vaccines are made and what they do. It is full of great information. Check it out.


What are in vaccines

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PSA about what Vaccinations are

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This is just an easy explanation of what vaccines do and how they work.

“Do Vaccines Cause Autism”

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Hannah Poling

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Here is a video with Hannah Poling. She is the first person to be paid by the government due to her autism. It may have been caused by vaccinations, so they paid her from a vaccination compensation fund. Check out the video. What do you think?

November 30, 2008


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Please take the survey we created to try to get more answers about this hot button topic. Thanks for your help.


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This blog has created for a Project Based Learning assignment for class. We have chosen to look into the issue of vaccinations. We have no right or wrong answer for this. We are going to present what we have learned and what we find on how others feel about these issues. Please feel free to comment on what you see on this site. Also, we are just trying to learn as much about both sides of this debate so that we can formulate a well educated view about this. If you have any sites or references we should use, please let us know. Thank you.